How do you choose the books?

All of our books are handpicked by our team of primary school teachers which guarantee's that they are not only super fun but also helpful to your child's development! We also:

  • Find out your child's age, and then adjust the books if they are too easy or hard.
  • Find out any interests of your child such as a love of cars or sea creatures!

Will I get the same book twice?

In short, no. We have a system in place to ensure you don't receive the same book twice.

Who does the book get sent to?

That's up to you! Most people like to get the book addressed to their child/children because it makes it so much more exciting for them to receive their very own parcel! Though if you'd like it delivered to your name, that's cool too.

How much does it cost?

We pride ourselves on making this service as affordable as possible to ensure that as many children as possible can take part. Our pricing is below:

  • £5 per month, cancel at any time. 
  • 10% if you pay for 6 months (£4.50 per month/£27)
  • 20% off if you pay for 12 months (£4 per month/£48) - This includes an extra free book on your child's birthday!

How do schools get free books?

Schools will get 1 free book for every 5 children who participate.

If children participate for more than 1 year schools will get another 1 free book for each 5 children and so on. 

For example if 200 children in a school join Book Nation, the school will get 40 brand new completely free books!

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