About Us

What is Book Nation?

Book Nation is national service which sends tailored books straight to your door for your child each month. The books are chosen and vetted by teachers with your child's needs in mind. We pride ourselves on sending your child something exciting and fun, whether it's the newest book from a well known series or something completely new, all our books have already been reviewed and enjoyed by kids!


For all of our frequently asked questions follow the link below, here are the two most popular!
  • What if the books are too hard or too easy?
Answer: If the book you received isn't suited to your child simply let us know and we will adjust the level for the next month!
  • Will I get the same books twice? 
Answer: No, we have a system in place to ensure you don't get repeated books!

What do we get for the price?

We pride ourselves being as affordable as we can to ensure that as many children as possible can take part! Below is what is included and the price.
  • A brand new book, tailored to your child, delivered to your door each month.
  • FREE books for your school.
  • FREE merchandise for you.
  • Peace of mind that your child always has something new to read!
All this for just £5 per month, cancel at any time! 

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