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Why Book Nation?

Book Nation is the only organisation in the UK that offer this service, not only that but it has been created by Primary School teachers with children in mind. We charge the lowest possible rates to try and ensure all children, regardless of background, can have access to Book Nation and develop not only their reading ability but also their confidence and enjoyment when reading too.

What The Research Says...

According to the BBC children are now spending around 6 hours a day looking at screens. This increase has meant that children's desire to read books is going down, and therefore so are literacy and reading levels nationally. According to the Department for Education 1 in 5 children cannot read to the expected level by the age of 11. Book Nation is on a mission to raise reading levels across the UK

Benefits For Schools

  • A FREE book for every 5 children participating, for every year they participate.
  • A 10% discount on subscriptions for classrooms, for example a subscription delivered to, 'Class 3A'
  • A 10-20% discount on bulk subscriptions as some schools see this a great use of Pupil Premium funding.
  • FREE merchandise such as posters and bookmarks. 
  • The official Book Nation participation certificate to display.

How does it work for schools?

1. Promote Book Nation with children and parents/caregivers.

Talk about the importance of reading with your class and parents, explain how Book Nation can help promote reading and developing children's reading skills!

2. Give out our letters

When your school signs up to join book nation you will be given letters to simply give to each child, it literally is as simple as that!

3. Wait for your free books to arrive!

Your school will receive a free book for every 5 children that join book nation, so if 200 student in your school join up that 40 books completely FREE for your school library!


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